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I don’t count calories, I change my daily habits.

Be most shinny object of your life.

Determined. Living life.

Want more followers? Press that follow button.

Crafting my dream, day-by-day.

Work hard, play hard.

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Single and living my best life.

Good and bad, see the good in the world.

I strive to impress mom.

I’m going to learn how to start a blog.

I love all the Instagram bio in this blog post.

Must always better together xoxo

I love you 1000 likes!

I hate perfection, I’m imperfect.

Real king fix each other’s crowns and never let the queen does it.

Today is the day I’m going to get 1k followers.

No one’s perfect as their Instagram feed.

I’m going no-where but up!

Simplicity is the key to happiness.

A day in the life of me: Make Instagram post.

Your biggest driving force is yours believe.

Nothing is easy, but always do what’s right.

She turned impossible to I’m possible.

It’s my time to step into the spotlight, I’ve earned it

I know exactly what to post on Instagram.

I have a blog I’d have a better Instagram bio quotes.

It’s better to get more followers.


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